About Sade

Make Your Own Beauty Products.

SADE’ SKIN SOLUTION: The creation of beauty products for women from our dermatology

experience combined with expertise knowledge about Thai and Korean herbs.

Through advanced production technology that can extract the useful substance to apply for the better results.

We also concern about the skin protection and moisturizing to maintain naturally bright beauty skin.


It has been more than 28 years that we are trusted by the customers in Thailand and AEC region, presently we are now ready to export our premium quality products that are outstanding by the best result of Thai herbs from our research and development technology to international market. We are willing to accept distributors from all countries and very welcome everyone to visit and discuss business with us.

Founded Dr.Parinya Aesthetic Clinic where is a full aesthetic clinic center for skin treatment all over the body, treatment for wrinkles, acne, blemishes, face massage, facial mask, reducing fat under the skin, also reducing weight by weight loss and skin professional medical specialist team.

Launched Dr.Parinya Aesthetic Clinic with the success and great feedback and expanded branches rapidly.

With overwhelming positive feedback from marvelously number of customers who use the service, they required for the branch expansion. Therefore, Dr.Secret was launched along with the great improving on the quality of services and products.

Launch Dr.Sade’ to satisfy the requirements of customers and support the growing customer base.

According to the dynamically developing on the quality of products, SADE’ has opened a shop to offer customers more opportunity to experience the products closely.

SADE’ SKIN SOLUTION was launched to support the expansion of the business, by focusing on quality manufacturing standards and also the technology on Thai and Korean herb in order to meet all the customers’ demand.

SADE’ SKIN SOLUTION has a policy of branch expansion into leading department stores nationwide.


With the experienced and professional team of good service skilled, our products are able to lead the suppliers
to the maximum benefit and along with the careful selection on our new products to meet the continuous market demand. As a result, our distributors can generate the decent profit, until now all the products of SADE’ have been widely accepted and received tremendous satisfaction from customers.